The workshop in environmental
economics and data science

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Join us remotely on 29–30 October 2020 (rescheduled) for the second iteration of TWEEDS—an intimate workshop focused on the methodological frontiers of environmental economics and data science.

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29–30 October 2020 (rescheduled)
Remote due to COVID-19
Registration costs waved this year

Applications were due 05 January 2020.

Please contact with any additional questions.



Keynote speaker and presenters currently on the agenda.

Keynote speaker

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Seema Jayachandran

Development, Health, and Enviro. Economist
Northwestern University

Confirmed/invited presenters

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Marshall Burke

Environmental and Development Economist
Stanford University and Atlas AI

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Fiona Burlig

Energy and Development Economist
University of Chicago

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David Kroodsma

Director of Research and Innovation
Global Fishing Watch

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Brian Sullivan

Systems Engineer and Program Manager
Google Ocean & Earth Outreach


Some of the topics that the workshop will feature...

Remote sensing

Increasingly, environmental analysis relies upon mixtures of satellite monitors, in-situ monitors, and a number of other monitoring devices.

Geospatial analysis

High-resolution spatial data, spillovers, externalities, ...

Machine learning

It's hard to spell "data science" without "machine learning."


Creating stunning, accurate, and informative graphics.

Workflow and transparency

Cloud-computing resources, data management tools for large datasets, laying the foundations for open/transparent science


And we plan to make time for fun... it is Portland, afterall. Donuts, coffee, pickles, ...


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