Lightning talks, vol. 1

Lightning talks, vol. 1

Please note: Each talk lasts five minutes.

Jennifer Alix-Garcia
A big releaf: Large-scale forest restoration in Brazil

Anna Boser
Downscaling remote sensing data using deep learning

Andrew Dickinson (canceled)
PM 2.5 prediction

Joel Ferguson
A new approach to measuring the wealth of nations: understanding long-run economic growth using historical aerial photographs

Jacob Gellman
Property insurance markets and climate change adaptation

Dylan Hogan
The global water resource costs of agricultural adaptation to climate change

Suhyun Jung
The value of information from the use of satellite earth observation for mangrove management

Tracey Mangin
stagg: A data pre-processing R package for climate impacts analysis

Prakash Mishra
Trade liberalization and resource extraction in the presence of market power

Frederik Noack
The impact of multinational firms on the environment

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