Lightning talks, vol. 1

Lightning talks, vol. 1

Please note: Each talk lasts five minutes.

Grant Jacobsen
Shock Avoidance: Experimental evidence on high bill alerts and energy consumption

Irene Jacqz
Electric vehicle adoption, air pollution disparities, and subsidy policy

Greg Miller
The Open Grid Emissions Initiative

Minoru Higa
Traffic congestion and labor supply: Evidence from smartphone big data in Mexico

Shan Zhang
Rethinking recycling? The effects of China's waste import ban on pollution relocation in the U.S.

Patrick Behrer
Globally pollution is a middle class problem

Shiyuan Wang
Global disparities in PM2.5 exposure caused by consumption of goods and services

Emmett Saulnier
Direct and downstream health effects of pesticides: Evidence from the U.S. rollout of genetically modified crops and glyphosate

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