Lightning talks, round 1 (2019)

Lightning talks, round 1

Please note: Each talk lasts five minutes.

Elinor Benami
Machine Learning for environmental risk detection: From model to field trial

Tamma Carleton
Parameter recovery with remotely sensed variables: Problems, solutions, and empirical applications

Cuicui Chen
Evaluating the Paris Agreement’s Mitigation Pledges with Statistical Forecasting Models

Gabe Englander
Property rights lead to protection of global marine resources

James Gillan
The Economics of Targeting: Theory and Evidence from a Field Experiment

Kilian Heilmann
Using remote sensing for small area economic forecasting

Danae Hernandez-Cortes
Does climate policy worsen inequities in air pollution exposure? Evidence from cap-and-trade in California

Raquel Jimenez
Air pollution and academic performance in school children: Preliminary results from a study in Chile

Jonathan Kadish
ML Classification and OLS: Opening the black box

Richard Klotz
Correlated Pollutants, Avoidance, and Local Environmental Policy: Analyzing California’s Ocean-Going Vessel Fuel Rule

Lea Kosnik
Text Analysis and Economics Research

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