Lightning talks, vol. 2

Lightning talks, vol. 2

Please note: Each talk lasts five minutes.

Pablo Ordonez
Payment for ecosystem services in Costa Rica: Evaluation of a country-wide program

James Rising
Evidence synthesis yields higher social cost of carbon due to model extensions and uncertainties

Paavani Sachdeva (canceled)
Household finance in the aftermath of floods and wildfires

James Sears
Fluid demand responses: Long- and short-run urban water price elasticities

Kristen Swedberg
Modelling water quality for economic analysis with The Hydrologic and Water Quality System (HAWQS) 2.0

Anshuman Tiwari
Industrial water pollution and agricultural production in India

Jeffrey Wu
Spatially clustered kernel graph regression with INLA for high dimensional data

Kelly Wu
Tropical forest protection and land clearing fires

Jiaqi Zhang
Better targeting through machine learning in environmental enforcement

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