Lightning talks, round 2 (2019)

Lightning talks, round 2

Please note: Each talk lasts five minutes.

Eva Lyubich
Can Cities Lead on Climate Change?

Renato Molina
The Economic Impact of Modern Piracy on Global Shipping

Alejandro Molnar
The marginal congestion of a taxi in New York City

Fran Moore
Characterizing and Detecting the Emerging Influence of Anthropogenic Warming on Global Crop Yields

Christoph Nolte
Effects of private land conservation: a system for large-scale, fine-resolution hypothesis testing with satellites and parcel data

Bryan Parthum
You are here: Bringing new life, and methods, to stated preference research

Jonathan Proctor
The Agricultural Impacts of Clouds: Implications for Climate Change, Geoengineering and Air Pollution Policy

Ritvik Sahajpal
Global Scale Crop Yield and Condition Forecasting System Using Earth Observation Datasets

Noelle Selin
Using Data to Evaluate Air Quality and Health from Policies to Impacts

Erin Steiner
Government data reports: out of the pdf and into the interactive web app

Daniel Sullivan
Using Satellite Data to Fill the Gaps in the US Air Pollution Monitoring Network

Bixuan Sun
Heterogeneous Impacts of Residential Solar Rebate Programs in the US: A Machine Learning Perspective

John Voorheis
Pollution and the Intergenerational Transmission of Human Capital: Evidence from the 1970 Clean Air Act

Matthew Wibbenmeyer
Burning down the house: Priorities and effectiveness in wildfire management

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