Lightning talks, round 2 (2020)

Lightning talks, round 2

Please note: Each talk lasts five minutes.

Nick Hagerty
Adaptation to Water Scarcity in Irrigated Agriculture

Scott Holladay
The future of coal-fired generators

Kendall Houghton
Childcare and the New Part-Time: Gender Gaps in Long-Hour Professions

Fanny Moffette
The Impact of Near Real-Time Deforestation Alerts Across the Tropics

Fran Moore
Using Remarkability to Define Coastal Flooding Thresholds

Mariia Murasheva
Sometimes an old friend is better than two new ones

Kilian Heilmann
Information Frictions in a two-sided transportation market: Implications for the environmental impact of the freight sector

Christoph Nolte
High-resolution land value estimates reveal underestimation of conservation cost in the U.S.

Dan Ovando
Evaluating the Potential of Machine Learning for Salmon Forecasting

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