Questions and answers

How is TWEEDS different from other conferences and workshops?

We're aiming to focus TWEEDS on the tools, methods and data that are relevant to environmental economics/policy/science/studies. In most conferences, you give a quick nod to your data and methods (and ignore the tools). In this workshop, we want to focus on the tools, methods, and data that make research possible.

We're hoping that this focus leads us to many conversations (e.g., workflow, visualization, technique, reproducibility) that are less common in more "traditional" conferences.

Is there an attendance/registration fee?

$25 for students; $150 for everyone else.

Will there be a pre- or post-conference mini-workshop that features more hands-on talks, methods, and tools?

Probably not this year, but we're open to suggestions!

Can I present a software package/data product?

Yes! Please apply to present. We're really hoping to feature these types of presentations.

It seems like the organizers are all economists; is TWEEDS open to non-economists?

Emphatically: Yes! We really want TWEEDS to bring together a diverse group of people working on topics related to the environment, data science, and/or economics.

Can I apply to simply attend?

Certainly! Please apply. However, if we run out of space, we will likely give preference to applicants who are willing to present.

What is the presentation format?

Full presentations will last 20–30 minutes (TBD). Lightning talks will last 5 minutes.

Will there be funding for travel and lodging?

We hope to offer several modest fellowships for individual who demonstrate need or who come from historically under-represented groups. Apply through the normal application page. See the logistics page for more information about lodging and food (including discounted rates for nearby hotels).

How often will TWEEDS meet?

Annually. (With your help)

Who thought of the name?

Ed. Someone proposed Practicum in Environmental Economics and Data Science, but we decided to go in a different direction.

Other questions?

Please contact with any additional questions.