We're stoked to see you in Portland, Oregon for TWEEDS this year!
Below you will find our planned schedule.

Location: All talks will be in the Billy Frank Jr. Room of the Ecotrust Events Building at 721 NW 9th Avenue in Portland.

We will serve breakfast and lunch both days immediately outside the Billy Frank Jr. Room. There will also be a reception on Friday evening on the rooftop of the Ecotrust building.

All times are Pacific.

Friday, 15 September 2023

08:30am Welcome, coffee, and social
09:00am Eliana Stone and Megan Ayers
Remote control: Debiasing remote sensing predictions for causal inference
09:20am Jonathan Proctor
Global high-resolution estimates of the United Nations Human Development Index using satellite imagery and machine learning
09:40am Andy Hultgren
The global inequality implications of climate change: Evidence from high resolution impacts estimates
10:00am Coffee/tea break
10:30am Irene Jacqz
The persistent effects of a novel toxic pollutant
10:50am Andrew Wilson
Simultaneous measurement of health damage from transboundary and domestic air pollution in mixture
11:10am Laura Grant
Do water groups mitigate free-riding in transboundary pollution?
11:30am Lunch
01:00pm Keynote: Peter Christensen
How will economics + data science inform decarbonization policy? Lessons from the buildings sector
02:00pm Short coffee/tea break
02:15pm Lightning talks, vol. 1 (9 x 5 min)
03:00pm Coffee/tea break
03:30pm Dennis Engist
The impact of genetically modified crops on bird diversity
03:50pm Kelsey Johnson
Estimating the economic benefits of conservation policies for threatened species: A case study of riparian buffer rules and salmon
04:15pm Short break
04:30pm Emmett Saulnier
Optimal subsidies for residential solar
04:50pm Daniel Bigelow
The impact of urban growth boundaries on development density and housing prices
05:10pm Food, drinks, party
On the roof of the Ecotrust building
09:00pm Night on the town (or go to bed)

Saturday, 16 September 2023

08:30am Welcome back, coffee, and social
09:30am Amanda Ang
Climate change, population density and the incidence of US wildfires
09:50am Chris Malloy
The consequences of wildfire liability for firm precaution: Evidence from power shutoffs in California
10:10am Iván Higuera-Mendieta
A table is worth a thousand pictures: Multi-modal contrastive learning in house burning classification in wildfire events
10:30am Coffee/tea break
11:00am Lightning talks, vol. 2 (9 x 5 min)
11:45am Lunch
01:15pm Joséphine Gantois
The value of disaster prevention: The desert locust
01:35pm Hannah Druckenmiller
Willingness to pay for flood-resistant homes
02:00pm Coffee/tea break
02:30pm Panel: Tamma Carleton, Peter Christensen, Grant McDermott
TWEEDS in practice: A roundtable on data and lab Management
03:30pm The end. ❤️
Get in touch if you're interested in grabbing drinks or a hike.

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