Program, 2019


Friday, 29 March 2019

08:30am Welcome: Coffee, bagels, general greetings
09:00am Sol Hsiang
Generalizing Global Observation with Satellite Imagery and Machine Learning
09:30am Presentation block (3×20min)
Andy Hultgren
The impacts of climate change on global grain production, accounting for adaptation costs and benefits
Ariel Ortiz-Bobea
A near-real time forecasting system of US crop yields. [slides]
Andrew Crane-Droesch
Semiparametric neural networks in Keras/Tensorflow. [slides]
10:30am Coffee break
10:45am Dan Hammer
Last-mile environmental-data communication [slides]
11:15am Presentation block (3×20min)
Esha Zaveri
The Nitrogen Legacy: Long-Term Effects of Water Pollution on Human Capital
Ludovica Gazze and Olga Rostapshova
From Water Cops to Smart Meters: Designing Water Conservation Policy in the New Era of Automated Enforcement
Eric Edwards
Hydrologic Data in Water Economics: Institutions and Identification. [slides]
12:15pm Lunch
01:00pm Keynote: Meredith Fowlie
From Big Data to Big Decisions. [slides]
01:30pm Coffee break
01:45pm Dan Goldberg
Using satellite data to estimate air pollutant emissions and concentrations at high spatiotemporal resolution. [slides]
02:15pm Jeff Chen
Machine learning, weather predictions, and school closures. [slides]
02:45pm Coffee break
03:00pm Kathy Baylis
Machine learning. [slides]
 • Machine learning in agricultural and applied economics
 • Identifying effects of farm subsidies onstructural change using neural networks
03:30pm Jacob LaRiviere
Predicting Famine: The Importance of ML Model Interpretability and Back-End Data Structures
LIME: Local Interpretable Model-Agnostic Explanations
04:00pm Coffee break
04:15pm Lightning round #1
05:15pm Break
05:45pm Reception: Drinks, tacos, chat

Saturday, 30 March 2019

08:30am Welcome2: Coffee, bagels, general greetings
09:00am Peter Christensen
Data Science in Field Experiments: Putting Bots to Work on Housing Discrimination
09:30am Presentation block (3×20min)
Katherine Meckel
Can Machine Learning Improve Targeting of Environmental Inspections? Evidence from EPA’s RCRA Program. [slides]
Sam Stolper
Machine-Learning the Impacts of Behavioral Interventions: Evidence from Household Energy Use [slides]
Leslie Martin
The Margins of Response to Road Use Prices
10:30am Coffee break
10:45am Lightning round #2
12:00pm Lunch
12:45am Ivan Rudik
Valuing Science Policy: Dynamic Decision-Making With Generalized Bayesian Learning. [slides]
01:15pm Presentation block (3×20min)
Antonio Bento
A New Approach to Measuring Climate Change Impacts and Adaptation. [slides]
Felipe Jordan
Land tenure reforms and sustainable development: Evidence from a natural experiment in Southern Chile
David McLaughlin
Remote Sensing and Machine Learning to Study the Effect of Land Titling on Land Use in Mexico [slides]
02:15pm Coffee break
02:30pm Meha Jain
Using Satellite Data for Sustainable Agriculture. [slides]
03:00pm Presentation block (2×20min)
Justin Kirkpatrick
Peer Effects In Rooftop Solar Adoptions [slides]
Thanh Nguyen
AI-based Solutions for Wildlife Security [slides]
03:40pm Wrap up!
04:30pm Meet up for drinks/food/chat
Old Town Brewing/Pizza
226 NW Davis St, Portland, Oregon
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